Scammers Websites
Why you should be carefull with .COM wesites
Australia has one of the toughest Internet regulation in the world. To run website with Australian domain name (ending .COM.AU) one needs to be a registered Australian business, hence pass various regulatory checks, has ACN and ABN, legitimate address and telephone number, etc.

Very different picture though, when it comes to .COM and .RU websites...

How many Russian brides are there?

Hi, my name is Vladimir Korovine and I am running this Russian brides introduction service in Australia since year 2000.

During all these years, while I was growing this business here, in Melbourne, I was getting a lot of emails from all around the world about the "dark side" of Russian women Internet introduction. Many of my current customers have suffered disappointments before they found our site. Many of them were scammed. And many of them eventually shared their experiences with me.

After a while I decided to research this ugly subject myself. So I did. As I know very well how the things are really working in introduction industry, so it was extremely easy for me to spot a bogus website or a false claims on a seemingly legitimate website right away.

The bad news is - I can not simply pass my detailed knowledge and understanding of the subject to you, to prevent you from making wrong decisions. It takes a lot of time and a lot of work.
The good news is - What I can do - is to point you in the right direction and you should be fine. You don't need to know everything I know. All you need is a bit of a common sense and a general guidance.

And the general guidance I am prepared to give.

Google search comes up with anywhere from 300,000 to 400,000 (!) Russian brides introduction websites on the Internet. With at least 300 - 400 Russian women on every site.

Some sites claim to have up to 30 thousand (!) genuine Russian marriage minded women on their books. Let's leave aside the last ridiculous claim, which is simply offensive to any intelligent person, we'll trash this claim some time later, and just do a simple math's.

Let us be generous and assume that every agency has 5 web sites. In this case an average of 350,000 Russian brides websites on the Net gives us a staggering number - 70,000 introduction businesses!

More than twice as many as McDonald's restaurants worldwide!!!

"McDonald's is the world's leading foodservice retailer with more than 30,000 local McDonald's restaurants."

Is it really possible???

OK, lets now calculate a number of Russian brides in these businesses. Being very moderate again let's agree on just 500 women per one business. ( Don't forget there are agencies that claim - 7, 15, 30 thousand women... )

"We have selected over 20,000 beautiful, sincere women, from all walks of life, as potential mates for our male clients."
"We have over 18,000 Russian Women who want to become Russian brides."
"Presenting 8328 ladies selected from 44264 applicants!"

70,000 agencies X 500 women = 35,000.000 women!

The total Russian population is only about 140,000.000. And THIRTY FIVE MILLION Russian women looking for western partners? Every 4-th person in the country - that is including men, women, babies, old folks... everyone!?

I don't think so. Doesn't sound right, does it?

However, if you'll ponder upon this puzzle for a while you might come to conclusion, that if some agencies have not five, not even fifty, but hundreds of Russian brides websites with the same women on them, in this case the numbers could be reconciled with common sense.

And you would be absolutely right! That's exactly how it is - a few crime syndicates running hundreds upon hundreds of bogus websites.

.COM / .RU - world wide warp

So. How many legitimate .COM and .RU Russian brides website are out there?

There are at most just a couple of dozens of legitimate Russian brides introduction businesses, which are well known .COM websites. They can be trusted. (Can not say that about any .RU website though. Simply no way to check things up...)

But not the whole 350,000 of them! How come that there are so many?!

To register .COM or .RU name for your website you basically need only two things - a working e-mail address and money for registration of domain name - just around 20$ all up. That's it!

So, how many bogus website can crime syndicate register in just 1 day, given it is so simple? Hundreds.

OK, now you got it.

To register .COM.AU name on the other hand, you need to be a registered Australian business and as such, be fully transparent, pass various checks and have your personal details listed in different government databases - ASIC, Taxation department, etc..

A bit different procedure, don't you think?

The Sydney Morning Herald
"How many of these marriage sites are run by Boris and Viktor in a back room in Minsk?"

Indeed! It is not a big secret that there are organized crime syndicates working Russian brides introduction market.

They have literally hundreds of websites featuring the same tens of thousands photographs. And each site claims to have women from a different city... Kazan, Moscow, Kiev, Riga, etc...

You name it! One site disappears, ten others are being opened the very same day. And that's one of the reasons why any black lists and anti-scam directories out there are virtually useless.

They never could and never will be able to catch up with Boris and Victor.

So, what do you do? It is simple - don't be on defensive side checking restlessly all these instantly outdated scammers black lists. Be on OFFENSIVE! Use your common sense. That is all you need, really...

You only real protection against scammers is you own common sense. You know all the facts now, which website will you choose next time -.COM?.RU? or .COM.AU?

“I was very pleasantly surprised to find an Australian based company - one that I can trust.”
“Your advice is sound and you offer advice that others are not prepared to give.”
“Just great to have a local firm. Always bit concerning when company in another country.”