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Since year 2000 number of Russian nationals marrying Australian citizens increased by 700%!

Coincidentally, in year 2000, RUSSIAN BRIDES - Melbourne based introduction service, started helping Western men to find their love in Russia.

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"In 1999-2000, the Department of Immigration granted 64 female and 21 male spouse visas to Russian nationals marrying Australian citizens. By 2003-04, there were 443 female and 99 male visas granted - a rise of almost 700 per cent."
The Age, March 12, 2005

We do not claim credit for all of these matches of course. However, as the leading Russian introduction service in Australia, we have contributed to the majority of them here.

Naturally, we do not limit our services to only Australian men. We have many satisfied customers in NZ, US, Canada, UK and other countries.

How successful our clients are, and what they and the leading mass media thinks of us you can find on the Testimonies page.

Thousands of single Ladies are visiting that web site every month. And hundreds of our customers have their profiles published there in Men Catalogue. Have no doubts, now they do not have a shortage of contacts.

“You provide a fantastic service, I know from personal experience.”


6 Russian Brides' Advantages

RUSSIAN BRIDES is truly one of a kind Russian women introduction service. Judge for yourself!

The "Run by Men" Advantage
Unlike the majority of introduction services around, RUSSIAN BRIDES is run by men. So we cut off all the fluff and stick right to the business, as we know precisely what you want from us. We’re all in RUSSIAN BRIDES, trying to improve on service and take care of who butters our bread—the fellow men.

The Local Advantage
Since the year 2000 the RUSSIAN BRIDES is a “brick and mortar” Australian company and is therefore fully accountable to the clients. Unlike these "Boris and Natasha" scam-sites (as the US State Department calls them). This also means that as a RUSSIAN BRIDES client, you will have help and support readily accessible.

The Security Advantage
RUSSIAN BRIDES will not place a Russian girl on our data base without running a verification security check on her. Please feel free to contact us, we are able to offer advice and help on the issue of dating scams.

The Reliability Advantage
To maintain reliable and up-to-date data base, we ensure that all ladies have registered directly with our company and that no lady's profile is kept for longer than 12 months. RUSSIAN BRIDES never uses databases of other agencies. How many agencies out there can claim that?! Possibly none.

The No Nonsense Advantage
Right across the RUSSIAN BRIDES services, there's a no nonsense approach. No one tries to sell not-so-clear services that won't do you any good. We will not waste your or our own time making promises that we can't actually keep. We have very simple setup in place that ensure you get what you pay for with no surprises.

The Truth Advantage
RUSSIAN BRIDES don't take our clients for no fools. We respect your intelligence. We will never try to sweeten the truth with pink ribbons and fluffy nonsense, like some less scrupulous operators do.

RUSSIAN BRIDES agency is here to
provide prompt, straightforward and effective
online introduction service to our clients.
And we are proud of what we do.

“Your advice is sound and you offer advice that others are not prepared to give.”


Come, join Russian Brides (Australia) now!