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Questions about service

Who can use your service?

We cater our service mostly for the following groups:

Professionals and businessmen from early 30-th to late 50-th, well established and financially secure, who know exactly what they want in life
Farmers of all ages, who have difficulties in finding suitable life partner in Australia or USA
Men of various walks of life, who do not have time or don't want to go through inefficiency of conventional introduction.

Keep in mind that the whole process of bringing your Russian bride in Australia or United States is complicated and requires certain expenses (visa, airfare, Government fees...). These costs can become a problem for someone on a budget.

How long the whole process takes?

It really depends on particular circumstances. If you are very lucky you can enjoy life together with your Russian wife in about 6-9 months. But more often it would be somewhere from 9 to 18 months.

How will I know this is not a scam?

RUSSIAN BRIDES is a “brick and mortar” Australian company - not a dodgy Internet agency with unknown country of origin and history. We have been around since 2000 and welcome any inquiries. Our credentials speak for themselves and we have impeccable reputation in the industry.

However, we wish to make it absolutely clear - no one can give you 100% guarantee regarding other person's intentions. Besides, there is no such a thing as 100% scammer free Internet dating site. If any site claims that it doesn't have a single scammer on its books - these people are lying to you. Despite all our best efforts there is always a chance that the odd scammer has slipped through our guards. Such a nature of the online dating! And we are very straight forward about it. Therefore, it is ultimately our clients responsibility to make sure that they exercise caution and seek professional advice when necessary. We are always there and ready to help our clients.

Payments on your site - are they secure?

Security is a central issue at RUSSIAN BRIDES. This is precisely the reason why we do not have secure payment facilities of our own.

Instead we chose to delegate such a sensitive matter to one of the world's undisputed leader in e-commerce business - PayPal.com It handles all online transactions for us, as well as for other 300.000 services world wide since 1999.

Why there are not that many women on your site?

Because we do not want compromise our reputation and our integrity.

We run compulsory verification security checks on all women who apply to be included in our Photo Catalogue. We consequently publish only about 15% of all applications we receive. On top of that we automatically delete all ladies profiles older than 12 months. To make sure that in our catalogue there are no profiles of ladies who got married years ago!

Quality versus quantity - that's RUSSIAN BRIDES motto.

Thousands (some times even tens of thousands) beautiful young ladies with a “model like” appearance on a web site means only one thing - a scam. Or negligence. As a professionals who are working in this field for many years we know far too well that it is simply impossible to maintain up-to-date database of such a size. It would be economically unworkable.

And that's the databases of living people we are talking about...

Those who have been in the military would understand the enormous magnitude of this tusk even by the Government's standards!

Apart from that - the 99% of all large Internet agencies have no idea where even these photographs and addresses have come from. And how many years these photos have been around. Their business affiliates in Russia are getting a percentage of every address sold and they are quite happy to provide their western partners with whatever photographs they can get hold on...

"We have selected over 20,000 beautiful, sincere women, from all walks of life, as potential mates for our male clients."
"We have over 18,000 Russian Women who want to become Russian brides."
"Presenting 8328 ladies selected from 44264 applicants!"

"400,000 real and family-oriented Russian ladies are waiting for you."

These and similar false claims should be as a red flag to you - the agency who declares that is a "NO GO" zone!

How often do you update your catalogue?

Women Photo Catalogue and Australian Men Catalogue are usually being updated once a week.

Questions about Russian women

Is it true that Russian women usually make good wives?

Usually - yes. Russian women are affectionate, family oriented and comfortable with their femininity. They have a strong desire for a stable home and family life. Russian women expect their man to be the head of the family. Over–independence and feminism have not spoiled their belief in traditional family values.

Why do Russian women look to the west?

They are looking for a responsible life-partner which is a difficult thing to find in modern Russian society. Russian men aged 30-50 have a very hard time adjusting to the new economy. Western men offer these women more security and stability and the opportunity to fall in love for a lifetime.

Besides, there are 10.000.000 more women than men in Russia. For example in Volgograd alone, city with population around 1.000.000 people, there are approximately 10% more women than men. Which means that around 100.000 beautiful women in just one city will never have a chance to find a partner. Is it good enough reason to start looking for a partner elsewhere?

Is Language a barrier?

To a certain extent - yes. However, most of the ladies in our catalogue know some English. Some are even fluent. The English language has been a foreign language of a choice in the majority of Russian schools, colleges and Universities for at least 50 years. The exposure to modern American popular culture (movies, music, fashion) as well as computers has made English second language in Russia.

Are they sincere?

It is not possible to read other people minds! Most Russian women join RUSSIAN BRIDES for a chance to find the right man for them and create a stable home with a loving partner.

We have certain verification security checks in place as a standard procedure prior to publishing any information on our site. If there are any doubts about a particular lady, we do not publish her profile at all.

However, we can not totally eliminate the possibility that despite all our efforts, some of them are not sincere. In case of any suspicious circumstances such as request for additional payments, air tickets or visa assistance, possibility that you communication with lady is not going directly to her, etc. please contact us without delay. We will address this issue promptly.

What kind of age difference is all right?

A recent UNICEF report stated that Russia, out of all countries in Europe, retains its leadership in early marriages. In Russian families men traditionally, being a breadwinners, are more mature than women. Age difference around 10 years is regarded as absolutely normal. If, for example, you are 40 years of age you could be easily married to the lady in her late 20's. There is nothing extraordinary when the difference even bigger however, more than 20 years in age difference is not that common and socially acceptable.

Girl asked me to send her some money for airfare. What should I do?

If you have any doubts you should

Offer her to buy ticket yourself and then send it over to her with a courier because it is often cheaper to purchase it overseas than in Russia (which is true, actually),

For that purpose ask her to send you a fax or e-mail with a scanned copy of her passport page with attached valid entry visa in her name.

If she has no valid entry visa or she will be insisting on sending money instead of air ticket - perhaps she was not going to buy it at all?

The bottom line - do not send money to the lady you haven't met yet.

How soon will I get a reply from her?

Generally speaking - within 1 week. Our system automatically generates an e-mail letter to the Lady, notifying her that you have posted a message to her. A letter of notification goes to her e-mail address. After that it is up to her when she replies.

She is not in your Photo Catalogue, why is that?

As we have already said, we run compulsory verification security checks on all women who apply to be included in our Photo Catalogue. We consequently publish only about 15% of all applications we receive.

It could be that this particular lady has registered with us but failed to supply her photos in required time frame. Or her photos were of a poor quality. Or she failed to pass one or more of our verification checks... There could be a number of reasons why the particular lady does not have her profile published in our catalogue.

However, as she remains registered with us she can use our service to initiate the contact with our male clients.

I've just registered and already have some ladies contacted me. How do they know?

It is because you have left check-box "Notify ladies about my registration" checked during the registration process.

When this box is checked ALL our female members receive notification in their email about new man registration. And naturally, some of them are very eager to be among the first... You can ignore these contacts or you can get a membership and reply to them. This is up to you.

If you do not want to be contacted simply uncheck this box upon registration.

I am trying to pay for memebership through paypal with my mastercard but it wont let me, there is nothing wrong with my card as I just used it to purchase things off other sites.

A credit card might also be denied if:

  • The card issuer is having technical problems that prevent authorization of a transaction.
  • The card issuer sees a charge that doesn’t fit your normal spending patterns and blocks the transaction to protect you.
  • You’ve inadvertently exceeded the limit on your card.

If you know that your credit card is valid but your payment doesn’t go through, you might want to:

  • Contact your credit card issuer directly. Ask why your card was declined, and whether you can still use it. If you can still use your card, please try your transaction again.
  • Pay securely online using your bank account. You can link your bank account to your PayPal account in just a few minutes. The merchant never sees your financial or other personal information.
  • Link a different credit card to your PayPal account.

Look at PayPal Help Center page.

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