Замуж за Австралийца?

В Австралии, в отличие от Америки и Европы, всеобщее увлечение "Русскими красавицами" достигло своего пика лишь сейчас. LOVE AUSTRALIA предлагает Вам уникальный, прямой, без посредников контакт с Австралийскими мужчинами.

После проверки, Ваши анкеты будут опубликованы на веб сайте крупнейшей Австралийско - Российской службы знакомств Russian Brides™.

Не упустите свой шанс!

Внимание: Дорогие невесты перед удалением вашей анкеты и анкеты вашего жениха - обязательно сообщите что вам требуется архив вашей переписки на сайте. Архив можно получать за период от 01.09.2012 до текущей даты - только перед удалением ваших анкет.

Чтобы не наделать ошибок при подачи виз в австралийское посольство рекомендуем обращайться к зарегистрированному иммиграционному агенту Наталье Дьяченко (MARN: 1460820) по визам невест и жен на partnervisa.ru, по поводу любых других виз на edemvau.ru.

Активность австралийских мужчин
(Время указано московское, местоположение определяется по IP)

Russian Brides Clients
“I want to thank you very much for enabling myself and Anna to find each other on your russianbrides.com.au website. We emailed each other in July 2011 and met in Egypt last September. Anna is currently in Australia for the second time and we have planned to marry next month. We are very grateful to your site for enabling us to meet each other. Thanks again, we are very happy we joined your website.”

“Awesome site. I have met the girl of my dreams and she is moving out to New Zealand to live with me very soon. I can't wait!”

“I would sincerely like to write to you and say thank you, thank you very much. I have tried other dating sites but I have to say yours is brilliant. I met a beautiful woman on your site the very first time I logged on. I contacted her, since then, she has flown to Australia and visited and I have flown to Moscow and stayed with her. She is smart, intelligent, independent, caring , absolutely beautiful and the same outlook on life as myself. We are now talking about her moving in together. Thank you very much. I would have never have found her without you!!! Many thanks”

“Thanks a lot. I found the girl of my dreama and we are getting married. Doesn't matter what everyone say because they never found love and thats's why they are jealous for people who found it here. There is one for you somewhere in this world.....go find that person...”

“This site was a great way to meet Russian ladies. I was contacted by many women very quickly. Worked so well, my partner is moving to Australia and we will be married soon.”

“Thank you for your site. I have made contact with a lady. I read with interest your comments re scamming. I am happier now that I have read them. My lady has explained that it will be difficult to come to Australia, and would prefer me to visit her there first, to meet her family and establish a personal contact. We have been corresponding and talking by phone for some weeks now. No request for money, direct answers, no indication of impersonality. Thanks again for your site.”

Media appearances
Australia's largest Russian bride internet introduction site - Russianbrides.com.au

The Melbourne-based website Russian Brides features thousands of women.

A “premium” profile on site in six months has attracted e-mails from more than 1000 women.

ABC - south west. South West Afternoons program with presenter Helena Peric

Russianbrides.com.au director... "We promise that we’ll provide a means of communication".

Russianbrides.com.au website...hundreds of Russian women who are looking for

ABC - Victoria. Afternoon Talk-Back program with presenter Kathy Bedford

ABC - South Australia. Late afternoon Drive program with presenter Grant Cameron

6PR - Perth. Afternoon Talkshow with host Bob Maumill
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